USB Trigger Module for Cash Drawers

USB Trigger Module for Cash Drawers


  • $185.00

The VPOS Model 317 External Trigger Module is designed to provide USB interfacing to solenoid based cash drawers. This allows cash drawers, previously attached to POS printers and cash registers, to be connected to a USB port.

The M317 USB Trigger Module uses a Virtual Serial Port Driver, making it appear to software like a standard RS232 Serial Port. This way existing POS Software can communicate with the USB Cash Drawer Trigger as though connected to a Serial Port. A unique serial number is assigned to each USB Trigger Module and the Driver Software will assign the next available Serial Port to each device it recognises (multiple Triggers can be used on one PC).

The interface module is designed to accept modular cash drawer connectors (RJ12) and is USB Bus powered. All standard POS printer drawer open commands are used to trigger the device and the ESC/POS status command is also available to read the drawers open or closed condition.


Model Number: VPOS 317 USB Cash Drawer Trigger

Suitable for: 24V Cash Drawers 

Interface: RJ12

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