ACS AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor SDK

ACS AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor SDK


  • $150.00

ACS Smard card reader with fingerprint sensor brings to the market effortless user convenience.

Combining the core of ACS' ACR122U Near Field Communication (NFC) Reader and Authentec's swipe fingerprint sensor, the AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor makes integration of secure biometric authentication simple and exchange of information intuitive. With its ergonomic design, it makes fingerprint and contactless card authentication hassle-free.

AET62 elevates security and flexibility for contactless applications by:

  • Three-Factor-Authentication: Requiring of a user something he has (smart card), something he knows (PIN/password) and something he is (fingerprint), before enabling any transaction
  • Match-On-Device: Limiting fingerprint template extraction and matching to itself, preventing security attacks associated with PCs
  • Simple Fingerprint System : Doing away with databases, servers or network connectivity. Instead, fingerprint templates are stored and encrypted in the smart card.
  • Complete local-site authentication; Limiting required components for operation into three only (local PC/remote server applications, contactless smart cards, and the AET62). Thus, even developers without an in-depth knowledge of biometrics can integrate fingerprint authentication into smart card-based applications.
  • Security Enhancement : Provision of an optional secure access module (SAM) and support for third-party algorithms

Smart Card Reader(s)

  • 1 x AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor
Test Card(s)/ Token(s)
  • 5 x Mifare 4K Cards
  • Demo Programs 
    • Biometric Demo
      • Shows the different functionalities of the AET65 fingerprint sensor
    • BioBanking Demo
    • Performs simulated banking transactions for clients using ACOS cards and AET65 Smart Card Reader and Fingerprint Sensor
  • Tools & Utilities
    • EasyKey
      • Allows to change Mifare security settings.
    • NFC Reader Tool
      • Enables the user to perform reader and card-related commands.
    • QuickView
      • Checks for proper driver installation of the AET62 device
  • Sample Codes
    • Demonstrate basic commands used to communicate between readers and cards, available in: Java, MS Visual Basic 6.0 MS Visual Basic.NET 2008, MS Visual Basic.NET 2008 (x64), MS Visual C# .NET 2008, MS Visual C# .NET 2008 (x64), MS Visual C++ 6.0, MS Visual C++ 6.0 (x64), and Turbo Delphi
  • Smart Card Reader Driver(s)
  • Reference Manual(s)
SDK Operating System Support
  • Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
  • Win XP x64, Win Vista x64, Win 7 x64

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