Types of cash drawer

A Cash Drawer is a compartment underneath the Cash Register or Point of Sales System (POS) in which cash from transactions is kept. The Drawer contains a removable till which holds a Cash Tray where cash is stored.

The Cash Drawer is an essential part of a POS system as it is used to store money, credit card receipts and other paper work.

Manual Cash Drawer

Manual Cash Drawers, sometimes known as Touch Cash Drawer, require no power to operate. These Cash Drawers work independently with a push to open and a push to close and can be locked securely at close of business. They are not plugged into any sort of equipment such as receipt printer or cash drawer trigger.

Heavy Duty Cash Drawer Touch - Compact
Heavy Duty Cash Drawer Touch - Standard Size 

Electronic Cash Drawers

Electronic Cash Drawers are designed to driven opened via a RJ11/12 port using any of the following products:

  • Cash drawer trigger
  • Receipt printer
  • POS System

The Cash Drawers draw power from the above products which send 12V or 24V signals to the Cash Drawer triggering the solenoid to open the drawer.
The Electronic Cash Drawers can also be opened manually, however every time you wish to open the drawer you will need to use the key.