What POS hardware should I get?

This is a question that a lot of people have probably asked: I am opening a new shop, what POS hardware should I get?

There are so many choices for POS solutions these days, it can be as basic as a Pen and paper with a manual cash drawer, a Cash Register, a computer running POS software on Windows or Mac, an iPad or Android running Cloud based software. 

There is no one size fit all solution for everyone, and it is important to choose the best for your business based on your requirement such as features and price.

As there is different hardware requirement for the POS software depending on the platform you plan to run it on, it is always recommended to choose a software solution that's right for you before purchasing any hardware. 

Below is a list of common POS software and click on the link you can find the hardware that it does support. If you are using a POS software that isn't listed below, feel free to contact us for hardware recommendations.